Major Kate

Bubble of Sorts

It’s interesting to look back on your life and situations and wonder how you got to be where you are today and remember the answer you gave.

 When I was asked as a kid “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I remember I wanted to be a police officer but yet I have spent half my life being a professional athlete.

When in school I didn’t like geography as I thought í didn’t need to know where other countries were,  yet I have traveled to many and learnt where they are in the world by traveling to them. I thought I don’t need to know French, when am I ever going to go to France and why do I need to know how long it will take a car to travel from A to B if it is going at __km/hr.…If I only knew I would travel to French speaking countries and have to quickly calculate my bike/run speeds/miles. I may have paid more attention. It just goes to show how you never know what life can bring and how your view of your life and the world we live can change on a daily/yearly basis.

I have learnt so much from traveling to various parts of the globe, staying with strangers, challenging myself physically in my training and competing of various sports and being open to things that I once thought “I don’t need to know or do that”… it turns out…..I probably do!

It is amazing what you open yourself to when you think that way and can influence others to do the same. It is tough to put yourself into the unknown and out of your comfort zone and to try new things and dare to ‘wonder’ but I guarantee whether you succeed or fail, you will be satisfied you tried and the lessons you learnt that you can’t learn from a book or a TV show. It is a deep satisfaction that only you know.

I didn’t always listen to my mum growing up, as most kids do but now I look back on the things she told me…..and bugger it….how does she know all these things??!!! Probably because she cared for me since the day I was born and knows me better than I thought she did (we don’t know this as kids!).I guess that is how we learn. We listen to some things and others; we need to find out for ourselves.

Life is certainly an adventure and a lifelong schooling of sorts….one you can’t get out of or wag a day of when everything is not going so great. It is a mystery but a good one to experience for all its highs and lows.
We are all uniquely different and each person has a talent of one kind (some times more) and we must learn to do the best we can with what we have and make the most of it whilst we are able to.

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